Adaptive, programmable metronome for achieving speed and precision

Struggle playing along your favorite licks or solos?

Speed Upp metronome will guide you during scale exercises and chromatic drills by listening and adapting to your skills. You can also set it to follow a pre-set graph of tempo changes.


Version 2.5
Released 13. October 2015

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Download free Lite version

Required: Intel Mac running OS X 10.7 or later with 2 GB RAM.


Download free Lite version

Required: PC with Windows 7 or 8
with 2 GB RAM.

Adaptive Mode

Adapts to your playing

Set a tempo to start with, grab your instrument and start playing. The metronome will listen and react depending on how precisely you hit the beats. The tempo will increase until you start making too many mistakes, then slows down and tries again after a while. As you play along and challenge yourself, you will definitely see your results to improve.

Speed Upp - Adaptive Mode

Graph Mode

Follows predefined pattern of tempo changes

Train your precision and speed by defining tempo changes manually. Just draw a graph with a mouse and set how many beats you would like each tempo to be played for. There’s a built-in default tempo graph for optimal learning curve which you can start with.

Speed Upp - Graph Mode

Custom Presets

Save your own presets including graph, beats per column and target bpm.

Full Screen Mode

Switch to full-screen mode for distraction free experience.

Custom Sound

Use carefully selected built-in sounds or use your own audio file.

Pitch Feedback

Higher and lower pitch clicks let you know about tempo changes.

I plan on using this because as I’ve said in many an columns, I like to work on technical exercises or passages through difficult lines with gradual tempo markings, allowing me to build the muscle memory as well as practicing good tone and feel from a solid foundation.
- Damian Erskine @ Notreble

Today, I discovered an awesome app that can help aid your practice routines. And I love it.
- Lisa Caliva @

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